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Investigate - There are many causes of infertility and miscarriage including hematologic, immune, endocrine, infectious, anatomic, and genetic abnormalities. I have created an up-to-date and comprehensive catalogue of over 100 tests and treatments for infertility and miscarriage. As your consultant, I will thoroughly examine the medical records of you and your partner to determine what may be missing from your previous medical evaluations and treatments. I will then create a consultation plan that contains a thorough explanation of the possible causes of infertility or miscarriage, how these problems may be tested for, and most importantly, how they can be resolved. My approach eliminates  much of the guesswork when determining the underlying causes and corrective treatment for infertility and miscarriage. This effectively streamlines the infertility process and decreases both time and money spent on fertility treatments.

Educate – One of my most important roles as a fertility consultant is to help you understand what tests and treatments may be beneficial for your specific situation and how treatment is appropriately administered. I will provide you with a clear understanding of how and why the various medical treatments work. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions about your infertility or miscarriage treatment and will enable you to confidently discuss these options with your doctor. Having taught undergraduate and graduate students at UCLA, I am an excellent educator and can effortlessly put medical jargon into terms that you can easily understand.

Support – I am confident that I can help you; I know what works. I can direct you to physicians and laboratories that can order and perform the various tests and treatments that address your specific situation. I also explain which tests and treatments are likely covered by medical insurance and help you find the most cost effective treatment plan for you. Because I thoroughly examine your medical history, you can contact me with questions at any time during your infertility treatment or pregnancy and you will receive reliable answers. I have also experienced infertility and miscarriage first-hand and understand the confusion and stress that you are experiencing. I can provide emotional support and easy pro-active approaches that you can take on your own, such as recommending nutritional ideas and supplements that may enhance your fertility based on the latest scientific findings. Many medical studies also indicate that mind and body therapy is critical to preparing your body to carry a healthy pregnancy. I may also be able direct you to acupuncturists, maya massage experts, yoga centers, and support groups in your area.

Empower- Knowledge is the key to conquering both infertility and miscarriage. Please take some time to view my testimonial page. In many cases, my clients wasted time and money by working with physicians that used a trial and failure approach, rather than a comprehensive approach to infertility. I often hear the statement, “if only I contacted you when I was starting out, I would have saved so much time, money, and heartache”.


Karen E. Pace, Ph.D.


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